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About Us

Navuhome by Navulea


From fashion to home organising products. Ever since our first baby girl was born, our lives changed 360. Daily schedule needed to be altered to include time for Aira. Due to time constraints, a few house chores were sometimes done late or unfortunately missed out, delayed till the next day. In addition to that, all kind of toys are filling the house from time to time, adding more into our schedule to tidy them up before bed. Our energy were draining. 


To help ease our daily tasks in the house, we started looking for home organising products. After doing some research, we decided to share our problem solvers with you. Navuhome was created to provide the best solution to help you maintain your house in place. From kitchen organisers to baby organisers, we selected the most unique and efficient products that will keep every inch of the house tidy and well organised.